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About Us

Welcome to toptby!

Welcome to toptby!
We are a dress manufacturer. Founded in 2018, Our major customers are from United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, What sets us apart is the quality of our fabrics and the accuracy of our fit. Unlike traditional dresses with uncomfortable boning and impractical textiles, our designs are effortless and comfortable and all carry a stretch component for the perfect and easy fit. Because of our family traditions we are able to design our stunning dresses,

We are a very successful, experienced and passionate team of 20 workaholics and proud to have revolutionised a new era of the prom.

Advice is always offered by our highly trained (and extremely fashionable!) customer service team. We will give you sincere opinions for questions regarding suitability and differing styles. Not only solve the problem but also enhance your shopping experience.

We cherish your opinion and advice and believe it is vital to ensure we grow and develop. You can find us through the “Contact us” Or contact us by email(